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More European Cup Games in Future

Arsene Wenger, boss of club Arsenal, believes they will play more European Cup football games in future. Although having departed from football club Arsenal, he believes he have more chances to grab European Cup games’ trophy. When it refers to life away from club Arsenal, he says his life without football playing in 35 years for the first time seems like a guy who plays Russian roulette without gun suddenly.

As a boss saying goodbye to his 22nd season with club Arsenal, Wenger revealed his strong willing to stay in top-level club management. He prepared to turn even at the age of 69. The speaking before Thursday’s Europa League semifinal prior to Atletico Madrid, Wenger doesn’t value the suggestion that the emotions will affect him when he go out for his final European home game. He said that the football game would not been his last European home game. Considering the position among guys who have played in Europe, he believes he is quite high up even not the highest one. Certainly, he is likely to take over another Champions League-caliber club as soon as next season. Some speculate from his words “a little bit” of a break from the game. He found it is hard to taking a one year off.

“One year is consist of 365 days. It’s very long. I intend to leave myself a little bit time to take a rest.” e decide to leave a short term to do what he want. He has not taken a break 35 years. It’s impossible for him to look around for the specialty of his work. During his more than 20 years spell with Arsenal, his biggest regret was the loss of the 2006 Champions League final to Barcelona, which was the closet place to win a European trophy.

“The loss European trophy is really the biggest regret for me. Because their opponents are different with rivals now. That game could have been a comfortable triumph”, he added, “But I have to face reality. We were play the Champions League final.” When you look back to Arsenal’s history and the quantity of fixtures Arsenal participated in Europe, you will find that Real Madrid is not the most football team played with Arsenal. This reason has to be taken into consideration. The span of Arsenal’s history is not wide enough to say the club is the laureate of 10 European Cups in its history.

He also hopes that there will be person who could bring the club back to a higher level, so that Arsenal could compete with their first European Cup. Even in this condition, some speculated he inclined to stay in the job a while longer. He emphasizes he hope the next manager could be more successful than him.

Wenger voices that he hope all matters will go well after his departure. Because he has dedicated to the football teams for more 20 year. How could he stand to see something bad happened to the team?

Arsenal’s Condition after Arsene Wenger’s Exit

Editor’s note: They asked Nick Hornby to assess the news that Arsene Wenger was leaving Arsenal Football Club after coached the team 22 years.

The school his sons attend is just a stone’s throw from Highbury Stadium, where mobile phones are not allowed to be used on the premises. Each morning, his boys and friends go to school while their mobile phones are left in their kitchen. Mobile phones will keep silent until the end of the educational day.

On a Friday morning, my sons leave their mobile phones in kitchen as normal. I started to read newspaper in the suddenly peaceful house. But, the rare peace was broken up by buzz and ping at the same time. There is a common goal of all calls – Arsenal Football Club, which could provoke some simultaneous activity. Even though the news involving North Korea’s nuclear strike will last for several days. Besides, his own phone started to ring, too. By this stage, it is difficult to imagine what else could have happened, except for depature of Arsene Wenger.

In their mid-teens, boys leave their phone in my house almost every day. No one of them saw Arsenal’s football games at Highbury. After this time, they began going to the Emirates from 2008 to 2010. They also enjoyed some good times during this period. They witnessed the prime time of Cesc Fabregas’s and Robin Van Persie’s football playing career. They witnessed three FA Cup final wins only in four years. In addition, they also witnessed Thierry Henry second debut at the age of 35.

However, these above highlights don’t count for much. Taking advantages of outstanding performances of eminent football players, Barcelona garnered comfortable win in their second leg. Henry scored a goal at the end of one disappointing game I have ever seen. The nine-year trophy drought was ended by late scores of Laurent Koscielny in the game. His score contributes to the comfortable win against Hull City.

Most of the time, there are more disappointment in their life than pleasure: champions challenges and big games against big teams. The former petered out in March while the later often ended with humiliation. Nevertheless, any football fans of Arsenal has not seen the humiliating scene that their team conceded eight in a game until 2011. Most football fans were disappointed by the dismal football game rather than inspiring by a exciting consequence of football games.

While parents of the boys remember something else: the eight-year splendid, in which club Arsenal performs as well as any football club in Europe. It’s wonderful to own a season ticket in this period. Watching football games they played in London will be the best entertainment.

When pundits criticize football fans for their short memory, football fans may claim their memory are short. When surpass a certain age, the splendid history of Arsenal may not count for much. However, my sons and their friends will remember things what a 68 years old did decades ago.