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Harsh Reality Check to Chelsea

There is still a game around the corner, which is scheduled to be held on a Monday night. This review will be interesting and stuffed with highlights and lowlights. Then condition seems like that it is made for Trent Alexander-Arnold or Josh King, in which a whipped free kick and a brilliant counter-attack could be witnessed. But the solo strike against Chelsea could be ignored. He occupied the critical way out on the right without help from another.

The Weeks Progress

In the previous season, club Liverpool netted three goals at the stadium Watford. The team also netted three goals in this season. But this time, it is different that Liverpool own solid and mature strength in defense, instead of being disturbed by calamities. Jurgen Klopp argues that the game has become a most mature performances till now.

Liverpool has made great progress even though they could not keep pace with the club Manchester City. Here are also some shortcomings of the Liverpool squad, such as lacking of self-awareness, breakthroughs, reality analyses, etc.

Areas of weakness in Self-Awareness

The 0-0 draw between Manchester United and Crystal Palace means they lost seven points at the stadium Old Trafford this season. It is the fourth time the team haven’t got nothing in competitions while other clubs from “big six” only experienced such conditions for five times, in which three of them are played with Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool. One important reason behind the condition is that there are not enough desire and intensity. One player expressed that they have played a game similar to this one, but it is necessary to win the game.

It is unbelievable that one suggests their players give up to trying as hard as they could. How to explain it if such conditions are true? Why those footballers do not try as hard as they could? Is there a possibility the manager taken them as scapegoats. It is a mysterious matter.

Recurrence of a Theme — Perfectionists

Some owe it to luck rather than regarding such a condition as a result of solid strength. Pep Guardiola assessed that it is a consequence of luck. Football Raheem Sterling also believes they could have done better, and they should have done better. Perhaps this result is just a method of the team’s manager to avoid complacency. Some acclaims and honors from all people will drives them to calamities.

When it comes to Sterling, he netted goals and provided assists for 13 times in total this season. No one could perform better and win more goals in the Premier League in one season. No matter what kind of doubt about the footballers should be discarded for his outstanding performances in pitches.

Warnings from some analysts seems an attempt to guide expectations after a fine start. Perhaps due to close observation, some could get more information than ordinary people. He also expressed that troubles could exist ahead.